Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2019 
2. Modelling and Ranking the Antecedents of Brand Hate among Customers of Home Appliance

Pages 19-40

Mohammad Reza Dalvand; Vahid Reza Mirabi; Mohammad Hosein Ranjbar; Serajodin Mohebi

5. Representing the Pattern of Relationship between Personality Traits and Investment Patterns in the Stock Market

Pages 79-114

Somayeh Salmani Danglani; Parviz Saeedi; Hossein Ali Bahramzadeh; Farshid Pourshahabi

6. Testing the Conceptual Model on the Causal Relationship of Motivation and Consumption Intention

Pages 115-138

Habib Mohammadpour Yaghini; Farshad Tojari; Mohammad-Ali Aslankhani

8. A Comprehensive Model for Identifying and Explaining Factors Affecting Burnout

Pages 171-190

Mohamad-Ali Faghih Nia; Hossein-Ali Bahram Zadeh

9. Investigating the Physical Security Dimensions Affecting Volleyball Stadiums Security

Pages 191-210

Seyed Hasan Harati; Farideh Ashraf Ganjouei; Abdolreza Amirtash; Zinat Nikaeen