Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, Spring 2020, Pages 1-230 
1. A Systematic Review of Banking Business Models with an Approach to Sustainable Development

Pages 1-18

Masood Mohammadkhani; Ali Divandari; Mohammad Talebi; Mojtaba Amiri

4. Designing the Model of Factors Affecting the Customer Based Brand Equity on Brand Performance in the Cosmetics Market

Pages 53-64

Abolghasem Gholamreza Tehrani; Houshang Asadollah; Serajoddin Mohebbi; Shahriar Azizi

6. Designing the Attitude toward Advertising Model through Mobile Social Networks

Pages 79-98

Atefeh Shekari; Seyed Najmoddin Mosavi; Abdolkhalegh Gholami Chenarestan Olya

7. Presenting an Entrepreneurial Brand Building Model to Knowledge-Based Firms

Pages 79-112

Shiva Shabani; Ali Badizadeh; Hamid Reza Saeedniya; Kambiz Hiedarzadeh

12. Designing a Comprehensive Human Resources Model Based on ISO34000 Standard

Pages 177-186

Shirin Danaei Shandiz; Davod Ghoroneh; Moslem Charabin; Ahmad Akbari

15. Independent Organization Model Based on Managers' Economic and Organizational Policies

Pages 219-230

Ali Karami; Masoumali Salimian; Mehran Mokhtari; Ghorbanali Agha Ahmadi