Designing the Model of Factors Affecting the Customer Based Brand Equity on Brand Performance in the Cosmetics Market

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Department of Management, Qeshm Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qeshm, Iran

2 Departmaent of Management, Qeshm Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qeshm,Iran


Over the past few years, many organizations have come to believe that the brand of their products and services is one of their most valuable assets. Therefore, it must be said that the brand is an asset that has a significant part of the value of the property of institutions and organizations. In this research, the building brand equity (BBE) from the customer's perspective and brand market performance (BMP) have been investigated and identified, selected, eventually reached the operational stage, and then evaluated how the impacts and their relationship with each other resulted in the presentation of a model that the model has been tested in the cosmetics industry in Tehran. The statistical population of this study was all customers of cosmetic products in Tehran city in 2018 who were selected by random cluster sampling method. A sample of 550 customers from ten brands, which has about 80% of the market share, was selected. In this research, the obtained data were collected through a questionnaire as well as secondary information and then tested using structural equation modeling and focal correlation analysis. Finally, all proposed structures of the research were confirmed after analyzing the factor. According to the path analysis conducted at the customer level, only two hypotheses were not approved. At the brand level, all four hypotheses were confirmed by the focal correlation analysis. Based on the findings of the research, the proposed model was confirmed by the researcher and practical and research suggestions were submitted for managers and researchers.


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