Identifying Component Themes of the Consumer Products` Brand Personality in Contemporary Iranian Market (A Qualitative Approach)

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Business Management, Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran, Iran


Nowadays, marketing professionals are increasingly aware of the importance of brands in the success of organizations, as it can be an asset with utmost importance for a lasting competitive advantage. Indeed, what is called a brand is something far more than a name. The brand and its affiliates pave the way for human communication. Brand personification is done in this respect. Although BP can be defined separately from human personality, it is not entirely independent of it. Therefore, in this study, the indicators of the component themes of consumer BP present in Iran’s market are clearly demonstrated.
The present study, which falls into the category of developmental research in terms of objective, is carried out qualitatively. As a developmental research, this study uses a sample of 29 students of management whom were selected by non-probability sampling (purposive and judgemental). The main research tool was an open-ended questionnaire, completed and collected by semi-structured interviews.
The findings consist of 74 indicators that were extracted and compiled from the literature review, theoretical foundations, research background (such as Aaker, 1997 and Geuns et al. 2008) and semi-structured interviews using NVivo software, which could be divided into eight positive and negative dimensions. Furthermore, some of the 74 indicators or personality traits identified for Iranian consumer brands include beautiful, personable, hardworking, always friendly, strong and capable, skilled, attractive, creative, efficient, competent, competitive, friendly to little ones, old friend, funny, dysfunctional, uncommitted, insincere, unfriendly (unkind), bully, tyrant, naughty, narcissistic that actually constitutes the personality themes of consumer brands in Iran’s commodity market.