Investigating the Physical Security Dimensions Affecting Volleyball Stadiums Security

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Physical Education, Central Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


 The present study aimed at investigating the physical security dimensions affecting the security of volleyball stadiums in Iran. The study employed a descriptive-exploratory research method conducted on 115 managers and officials in volleyball stadiums, presidents and experts of Provincial Volleyball Boards as well as experts in the field of sports facilities and events as well as sports violence and aggression. They answered a 20-itme Physical Security Assessment Questionnaire extracted from the adjusted Stadium Security Questionnaire (Faraji, 2014). The collected data were analyzed using exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis. The research findings indicated that physical security is one of the main factors affecting the security of volleyball stadiums in Iran. Control of toxic and chemical substances (0.91), internal control (0.90), peripheral environment control (0.70) and court entrance control (0.59) were considered as the most important factors of physical security on the security of volleyball stadiums (P <0.05). It seems that the strict implementation of the security inspection protocol for spectators, the adoption of appropriate security measures in the external environment of volleyball stadiums, the reform of the ticket sales system, and the use of new methods for distributing and selling tickets to control the court entrances can prevent spectators’ violent behaviors and increase their satisfaction. As a result, the security of volleyball stadiums can be fulfilled.