A Presentation of the Strategic Entrepreneurial Marketing Model in the Construction Industry

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Department of Entrepreneurship, Aliabad Katoul Branch, Islamic Azad University, Aliabad Katoul, Iran

2 Department of Management, Sari Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sari, Iran


The objective of the present study is to provide a strategic entrepreneurial marketing model in the construction industry in the construction companies of the north of the country using the Grounded theory. The present study is a qualitative research which uses Grounded theory by focusing on deep and semi-structured interview and providing an entrepreneurial strategic marketing strategy. In this study, 30 interviews were conducted on university and construction industry experts in construction companies of the north of the country to reach a consensus that was carried out using snowball sampling. Data were analyzed by open, axial and selective coding and the case studies were presented. In the current study, instead of testing the theory and confirming or rejecting it, it was presented limited to reality. The collected data were analyzed using Nvivo software and the components were identified. The results indicated that the causal conditions affecting strategic entrepreneurial marketing include communication capabilities, organizational capability, organizational strategy, management support and organization and organizational systems. The intervening condition include relationship orientation, environmental capability, and corporate governance, and ground conditions include system thinking, application of technology and organizational culture. Furthermore, the proposed strategies include intellectual capital management, strategic alignment and knowledge elevation to improve strategic and tactical performance of the company as a result of strategic entrepreneurial marketing.