The Mediating Role of Quality Services in the Relationship between Internal Marketing and Customer Satisfaction


Department of Business Management, Fars Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Fars, Iran


This study was conducted in 2016 with the aim of studying the mediating role of quality services in the relationship between state marketing and customer satisfaction. The population of this study includes all staff and customers of Melli Bank of Shiraz; that among these, 150 people were selected by simple random sampling method. Reliability was confirmed by Cronbach's alpha and composite reliability, and validity of the technical content validity, construct validity - convergent and divergent. Using structural equation modeling technique, the research hypotheses were tested. First, the quality of measurement and structural models were investigated, the results showed that both models are a favorable fitness. This finding showed that the use of internal marketing has a significant impact on improving the quality of service. The impact of service quality improvement organization has a significant impact on increasing customer satisfaction. Also, the impact of direct, indirect and overall of internal marketing has a significant impact on increasing customer satisfaction.