Providing a Pattern to Prioritize the Branches of Service Firms

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, College of Industrial Engineering, Qazvin Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin, Iran


The purpose of this note is to show how some of the main
results existing in the insurance service quality utilizing SERVQUAL
scale and ANP model can be effectively used in scientifically ranking
strategies instead of the traditional models, which is unfortunately more
popular in ranking the branches of insurance companies. This approach
is used to show how the ranking decisions changes as a function of
service quality utilizing ANP model. This study evaluated the quality
of services of DANA insurance company branches to measure policy
holders’ views toward current level and expected level of quality. The
standard questionnaire “SERVQUAL”, emphasizing on measuring the
gap between the level of current and Expected quality was used and the proposed algorithm utilized the analytic network process (ANP),
which allows measurement of the dependency among the quality dimensions,
to rank the branches. The results showed difference between
policy holders’ expectations and current level of quality of services in
all dimensions of quality. The most outstanding gap was for responsiveness
dimension and the least one was for empathy and also according to
the ANP limit super matrix it was revealed that there was a significant
difference between the proposed ranking approach and the traditional