Supervision and Evaluation Role in Higher Education Effectiveness


Department of Management, Lamerd Branch, Islamic Azad University, Lamerd, Iran


Educational supervision and evaluation is a mechanism
which seeks to improve and correct learning process in all aspects and
will lay the foundation for continuous improvement in education quality.
The nature of supervision and evaluation is related to all the factors
and individuals involved in educational system and deals with the supervision
of physical situations and the improvement of contents, methods,
etc. Therefore, developing the view of effective use of all factors
in appropriate evaluation in higher educational system leads to longterm
achievement and will gradually create revolution in higher education.
This demands applying a correction, supervision, and evaluation
process. In this literature, with regard to the importance of supervision
and evaluation and its effects on education and educational supervision
balance, we seek the role of supervision and evaluation and its effectiveness
on higher education using an analytical and descriptive method.