Introduce a Solution for Optimizing Interactive Genetic Algorithm to Increase Productivity



1 Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran

2 Basir University, Ghazvin, Iran


The Unequal Area Facility Layout Problem (UA-FLP)
made using different methods to measure the quantity used. The plant
features UA-FLP enhance productivity and can reduce between “20%”
to “50%” of total operating costs. In this regard, an Interactive Genetic
Algorithm (IGA) is presented that allows the Decision Maker (DM) to
interact with the algorithm. In this method, the DM is to find the best
and most appropriate solution. DM to avoid overloading, population
classified into clusters and each cluster represents only one element is
evaluated directly by the DM. But the problem is that the DM process
to achieve the best result must pass many generations and it causes high
exhaustion DM. The algorithm presented in this paper will reduce the
wear on the DM. A memory of the best solutions chosen by the DM is
kept as a reference. An interactive genetic algorithm is presented able
to take advantage of the DM.